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At first we would like to present our self to you. A. Klein Haneveld Zn. from Borculo The Netherlands. We are a combination of father Bertus and son Bert. On the picture you see us in front of our nice pigeon loft.. We both live in the town Borculo , situated within the Gelderland area in the Netherlands. Bertus has pigeons since his 18th year. He started in his place of birth Ruurlo and since 1962 at his present adress in Borculo. He is a true pigeon fancier. Since his first year in Borculo he is one the champions of the pigeon-flying sport as in that year the 1e championship with the young pigeons was achieved. championships Various championship followed. This with his son Bert who also caught the pigeon "virus". Together they are a perfect combination. The advantage of this combination is that the work can be shared. During the daytime Bertus takes care of the pigeons and Bert helps him after his dayjob. He also takes care of the paperwork.

A. Klein Haneveld and Son, Borculo.

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Theire specialty is speedflights and the one day fond flights. They participate mainly with with crossbreeding of Schaerlaeckens and Meulemans pigeons, who are extremely suitable for this kind of flights. Already two times they made it on TV text, a 6th place at the NPO flight from Bourges (625 km) and a 6th place at the NPO flight from Orleans (572 km). The combination wishes to participate the national overnight flights. For this reason they bought specific pigeons from recommended pigeon breeders. Evert Glazenburg is one of those breeders. On national level they have made achivements. In the past they achieved a place in the top of the national of Helmstedt. More recent (1997) was a 10th place young pigeon 924 at the national WHZB competition. In 1998 the Midfond championship went extremely well, they achieved an 11th national lodgechampionship and a 7th national pigeonchampionship with theire "as" pigeon the 164”. In 2002 a son from the brother of the 164” became 24th national pigeonchampionship at the Vitesse. Indeed achievements that taste like more. The major plan from Bertus and Bert is to win one NPO flight and score within the national league table. We kindly invite you to have a look around at this site.

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