Mentioned in the foreword we became directly 1st in the championship in our first year in Borculo, with the young pigeons. In the years afterwards a lot of championships followed. On the bottom of this page you can find the results of the several championships from season 1997. Of all championships, to our opinion the 1st marathon championship and pigeonchampionship with our well known "400" of the Fondclub Twente where the best. Then we still fly the department G against aprox. 2100 members. In 1996, the last year that department G still existed, we became in this department

5e General Champion nonassign and also
1e General Champion total Fondclub Department G+ East Enschede

year General Speed
nonassign assign nonassign assign
1997 1e 1e 1e 1e
1998 1e 2e 1e 2e
1999 2e 2e 5e 2e
2000 2e 3e 3e 3e
2001 5e 14e 7e 20e
2002 4e 3e 3e 3e
2003 7e 4e 9e 5e
2004 9e 9e 15e 2e
2005 n.a. * n.a. * 10e 1e
2006 n.a. * n.a. * 7e 14e
2007 n.a. * n.a. * 6e 7e
2008 n.a. * n.a. * 14e 18e
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* since 2005 there are no general championships

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results jong studs 2005 rev. 11.10.2006

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