The hammered 687 is a direct son of our ace-pigeon 164. His mother is the blue 159, a breeding hen from the Karel Meulemans strain.  

The hammered 687 is one of the main breeders in our breeding loft after an excellent racing career. The hammered 687 was an excellent racer and has flown 64 prices in five years. As his father he also did not only flew many prices, but also many head prices.

In the year 1998 he performed excellent with winning the following championships: 2e ace pigeon and 2e stud champion middle distance. Only his own father, the “ace-pigeon 164” was better and finished in both categories on the 1e place. Together these two super racers gained in 1998 the 11e national middle distance loft-championship. Just like its father his pricelist also can be seen. To prove that the hammered 687 also is an exceptionally good stud we show you his pricelist :
Vereniging CC de Graafschap
destination price nr. studs price nr. studs

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