The main bloodline at our breeding loft is the one of the Ace-pigeon 164. The decision not to sell this excellent bird was one of the most important decisions we ever made because the Ace-pigeon 164 proved also to be an excellent breeder. He is father and grandfather of many 1st price winners. We believe that the number one rule to have a super breeding loft is to purchase the best possible pigeons there are available. With the Ace-pigeon 164 we are lucky to have such a super bird. At this moment the Ace-pigeon 164 is still in the loft. He is 12 years old but still did not loose his powerful muscles. In the opinion of many well know pigeon breeders the Ace-pigeon 164 is one of the most beautiful and complete pigeons they have ever seen.

The Ace pigeon 164 is undoubtedly one of the best studs which have flown in our region between the years 1995 and 2000. This excellent racer has flown 61 prices in five years. But that is not yet everything. He did not only flew many prices, but also many head prices. The Ace pigeon 164 won no less then 8 times a 1e price in his career as a racing bird. All this resulted in the course of years in a lot of titles. Particularly in the years 1998, 1999 and 2000 he performed excellent with winning the following championships:

1998: 1e ace pigeon and 1e stud champion middle distance 1999: 1e ace pigeon, 1e speed stud and 2e stud champion short distance
2000: 2e ace pigeon, 2e speed stud and 1e stud champion short distance

As you can see for yourself the Ace pigeon 164 does not carry the title ace pigeon without a reason. In 1998 the Ace pigeon 164 also did well on the National level. He became in that year 7e national stud champion on the middle distance . A reward on its glorious career. After the fly season 2000 he moved to the breeding loft. We have already told you about the championships gained by the Ace pigeon 164, but these are of course only reached with top achievements on the flights. To prove that the Ace pigeon 164 is an exceptionally good stud we show you his pricelist:

Vereniging CC de Graafschap
destination price nr. studs price nr. studs

The Ace pigeon 164 is a son of our excellent-pair. Our excellent-pair consist of the cock NL 92-2155608 x de blue hen NL 92-2155632.

The 608 is a cock from the Ad Schaerlaeckens strain. The 608 flew also very well by gaining 28 prices in three years time. He also made many head prices. A selection of his best prices which he gained in the Region are:

31e against 2422 studs from destination Roye;
42e against 4542 studs from destination Houdeng;
47e against 2452 studs from destination Nivelles;
62e against 4362 studs from destination Lommel;
67e against 4358 studs from destination Tessenderloo;
94e against 4187 studs from destination St. Ghislain Hornu; 95e against 4388 studs from destination St. Ghislain Hornu.

The 632 is a hen from the Ad Schaerlaeckens strain crossed with the Karel Meulemans strain. She was born is the autumn of the year 1992. In 1993 she flew a few flights in the autumn and the result was outstanding. At 3 flights she won 3 head prices. See for yourself:

Vereniging  CC de Graafschap Kring 
date destination price nr. studs CC price nr. studs price nr. studs
29-8-93 Diest 3e 422 6e 4545 11e 7809
5-9-93 Nivelles 2e 309 13e 3671 32e 6399
12-9-93 Nivelles 3e 233 12e 2465 26e 4044

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