The sprinter 107 is a grandson of our excellent-pair. His father (Nl 97-2351987) is a full brother of our ace-pigeon 164 and his mother (Nl 97-2352008) is an excellent breeding hen from the Ad Schaerlaeckens strain. This breeding pair is still at our breeding loft. The sprinter 107 performed excellent in the year 2000 with winning a number of stud championships. After that year his was placed in the breeding loft

In the year 2000 he performed excellent with winning the following stud championships:

association P.V. Steeds Sneller CC 2e ace pigeon, 1e speed stud and 1e stud champion short distance
de Graafschap (350 members) 1e stud champion short distance 
Kring 3 (1200 members)  1e stud champion short distance
Afdeling 9 (3500 members) 3e stud champion short distance
National 24e National stud champion short distance

A selection of his best prices in the year 2000:

Association CC de Graafschap
destination price rr. of studs price nr. of studs
Houdeng  1e 232 3e 2024
Nivelles 1e 458 10e 3622
Strombeek  2e 475 12e 3219
Nivelles 9e 411 13e 2735
Lommel 11e 377 38e 2838
St. Quentin 14e 239 84e 1643

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